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Testing Technology

Powerful test. Relaxed development.

Test your eMobility component assembly with Bosch Engineering:
comprehensive, professional and tailored to your needs.

The full load of certainty.

Errors are not an option: Bosch Engineering offers you customer-specific testing technology
and the manufacturing of prototypes and small series - for safe and reliable eMobility.

Bosch Engineering Testing

Individual Testing Technology

The operation of systems under testing conditions takes high demands to the measuring and testing technology regarding the reproducibility and reliability. Furthermore the testing requirements of components and systems are continuously increasing due to the growing complexity of the products. Customized testing technology solutions help to reduce this validation effort.

Since 2002, we work intensively on the development of measuring and testing technology, from methods through to the delivery of test devices in small-scale series production. We are focused on the areas of common-rail systems, electrical solenoid and piezo actuator and electromobility.

Essential features of the test devices are usability tailored to the respective test case and customized packages containing the test unit, wiring harnesses, adapter and control software. Additionally, we offer you a comprehensive service from a single source, including series production support, technical support and training on our test devices.

Below we would like to show you a small selection of our products. If we do not have devices or methods which fit to your requirements, we will gladly help you with the development of a customized solution.

Our Products and Services

  • Testing technology development and consulting for individual testing tasks on systems and components
  • Control technology and electronics for injection and dosing systems with solenoid and piezo actuators, electric motors and electromobility
  • Solution-oriented development services with a focus on test procedures, function validation and sample building
  • Development and delivery of testing devices from prototype to small series
Engineering Services