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Product Safety Consulting


As the world’s largest supplier of automotive technology and a leading manufacturer in industrial, consumer, medical device, energy and building technology, Bosch can offer your company our expertise in product safety. Bosch Engineering provides end-to-end product safety consulting from pre-market entry and certification research to post-market entry surveillance. We can help you in understanding and achieving safer products, tolerable risks, and compliance (e.g., international, regulatory, state/local, third party testing, voluntary standards). Bosch Engineering will structure your overall task in work packages beginning with a defined content of tasks, a suitable working practice and a competent use of methods.

Our multi-sector breadth and depth of experience allows us to draw on solutions from various sources. Bosch’s subsidiaries span across over 50 countries and our products and services are sold in more than 150 countries, enabling you to succeed in global markets. We know the difficulties and have gained the knowledge to assist clients with targeted or full incorporation of product safety engineering application to new or existing products. Whether you are a manufacturer, licensor / licensee, retailer, importer or exporter, Bosch Engineering can support you.

We can lower your total product costs using an end-to-end systematic approach encompassing all
phases of product safety:

  • Preparing the team
  • Requirements / Gap analysis
  • Design
  • Certification
  • Production
  • Marketplace

Our Services:

  • Training - ISO 10377:2013 Consumer Product Safety
  • Gap analysis
  • Pre-market entry & certification research
  • Human factor analysis
  • Identification of hazards associated with your product
  • Risks assessment
  • Identification and quantification of risk reduction measures
  • DFA / FMEA FTA moderation
  • Product safety review
  • Extension of product safety principles (supply chain)
  • Factory / supplier assessments
  • Identification and reduction of risks in the production process
  • Design of effective communication for owner’s manual and labeling
  • Independent assessment of instructions for use of products
  • Launch readiness
  • Product monitoring after release
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring
  • Root cause analysis and corrective action